Some celebs you won’t believe used to escort service in Toronto

Many celebrities have come a long way in their lives. Climbing the ladder in the entertainment industry is tough. Very few people have the blessing of getting there without breaking a sweat. The trek from bottom to celebrity status passes through many peaks and valleys leaving many people to fail the attempt. All actors in the entertainment industry at one point got a no response. Hollywood celebrities admit that it takes a thick skin to achieve success. If you want it bad enough, you have to work hard and smart to get it.
Many celebrities did not have it easy on their path to stardom. They had to follow the ugly ladder they are never proud of to succeed. Below is the list of celebrities who began as escorts.
1. Marilyn Monroe
She was a blonde bombshell. The actress cum singer is a sex symbol to the world. At age 20, she sang Happy Birthday to President J.F. Kennedy and got a modeling contract with Blue Book Modeling Agency from modeling straight into acting. In 1949, she posed for nude photos for photographer Tom Keller. She is reported to spend time hanging out with influential people in the entertainment business for a pay of $500 per day. In her biographies, she slept and went for dates with men to pay her rent.
2. Brad Pitt
Pitt is an A-list actor who went to Hollywood with only $500 in his pocket. He began as an errand boy for gay soap star Racina where his task was cleaning the house, walking the dog and other intimacy stuffs.
3. Al Pacino
The Godfather trilogy actor did not get it easy either. He grew up in Sicily in Italy where he sold his body to survive and get food. He mostly slept with older women for food and housing in return.
4. Denise Richards
She was a high-end escort and a sexual temptress. She first worked for Heidi Fleiss as an escort. She capitalized on her relationships with clients, which she used to gain favors and break into Hollywood. She later married Charlie Sheen who was one of her clients.
5. Russell Brand
He grew up as a child abuse victim and became a drug addict to escape his misery. He sold his body to get money for drugs. He did escort services for sometime before breaking into Hollywood as a comedian and later married Katie Perry.
6. Joan Collins
She used her beautiful face to get into high-end escort service to get money for rent and other basic needs. She forged good relationships with her clients some of who were producers and got her shot in Hollywood.
7. Sophie Anderton
She had substance and abuse issues and went into prostitution to fuel her addiction. As an escort to businessmen, she was charging $15,000 an hour. She blames modeling for her problems.

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