Some hidden truth about escorts agencies in Toronto

The escort agency goes back to the pre-Roman era. There are many parallels between the 21st-century escort business and other centuries. First, it offers sophistication and uses modern technology to advance the trade. Furthermore, it appeals to a wider market ranging from married to single people all who acquire the service from high-end escorts.
How does it work?
It takes place in high-end establishments and hotels. Clients contact the agency services and place an order giving preferences. The escort agency matches the preference to available escorts in the agency. Thereafter, the client pays the deposit fee and gets an escort to the location. There are different tastes to choose according to preference.
Only professional escorts work in various agencies. The service relies on privacy and secrecy. The agency secures client information using encryption software for online services. Clients use a service number to reach the agency.
Escorts undergo training on how to treat their clients with professionalism and courtesy. Moreover, they gain resourceful knowledge on how to play the trade to ensure satisfaction of the client.
How is the service paying ?
Professional escorts charge exorbitant fees and reap profits from the flesh trade. Most clients are wealthy individuals both men and women coming from various corporate and government sectors. High-end escorts take home a minimum of $2000 per service. The roughly translates to $900,000 annually. It is a lucrative business.
How is the competition?
Escort agencies in Toronto compete to offer the best services to their clients. Only reliable service attracts more clients. Some agencies charge $300, others $600 and more. The charges depend on the clientele. Wealthy clients attract higher fees because they also require unique services.
Furthermore, the cost of keeping their engagements private to protect their reputations contributes to the high cost of the service.
On average, an escort can get 2-3 clients per night. Regular clients have their preferences and mostly book particular escorts for their needs. The work involves mostly working 3 hours a night an average of $300 an hour, which translates to at least $109,500 for any escort agency.
When does one retire?
Like with any modeling life, there is always a shelf life for escorts. Nobody will want you when you are 40-50 years old. Therefore, everyone tries to get the most out of the business before that time comes. Some escorts venture into running their agencies when they hit that age bracket.
Perception versus reality
The common perception is that escorts are illegal immigrants, children from trafficking rings and uneducated individuals. The truth is that most of these escorts are college graduates holding degrees. Some have well-paying daytime jobs but still, love their escort business.
Nowadays, escorts have good education and training. Most do it out of pleasure and love for the business, while others do it to make quick money fast.