Is escorts service allowed in Toronto law?

“Is escorts service allowed in Toronto law?”
This is a question that makes rounds in the social scenes quite often. In fact, searching the term over the internet will bring up numerous and varied results. Truth is many people aren’t really sure whether this trade is accepted or legal in Toronto, Canada or not. Some are in the opinion that it is a fancier name for prostitution, and just like the world’s oldest trade, it isn’t legal. On the other side of the divide, people state that it isn’t prostitution and is not only acceptable but legal in Toronto.
A Brief Look at Escort Service
A lot of confusion exists between escort service and prostitution and this is why the legality of escort service is questioned. Generally, escort service simply means offering a client/customer companionship. This may be during a fancy event, outing, town tour, dinner and other events. Sexual activities aren’t the main agenda in the meet up and in case it happens, it will be under the consent of the two individuals and not the service. It’s common for people to just love the company of a lady or male without any interest in sex. In prostitution, sex is the only agenda hence a person will be paying for the sexual service and nothing else.
Toronto Law in Regard To Escort Service
According to Canadian Law, public soliciting for sex is illegal. Parties interested in engaging in the activity should do it privately and not under the public eye. Some people interpret the law as further stating that it is more about making the contract and communication and not so much about money exchanging hands that makes prostitution illegal. Toronto escorts services aren’t prostitution and are entirely legal due to the following reasons:
– You are paying for the service and not for sex.
– The activity is done privately and there is no public solicitation
– Escort service focuses more on providing company during an outing and other events
– Sexual escapes aren’t covered under the service and incase it happens, it will be a mutual agreement between the escort and customer/client
The Law clearly defines what soliciting for sex is and has outlawed any public solicitation which is symbolic with prostitution. It also goes further to show that private solicitation is completely legal. Nonetheless, escort service is about companionship and not about sex which makes it entirely acceptable. So, is escorts service allowed in Toronto law? The simple answer is YES and anyone can engage in it as long as he/she follows the laid down regulations.